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Building a Brighter Future for LSU Orthodontic Residents

Chadha Ortho Educational Foundation is a charitable organization with the best interest at heart for the future of the LSU Orthodontic program. Together, we can make a difference for current and future residents.

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Inspired by Dr. Chadha, The Chadha Ortho Educational Foundation was established in 2005. The objectives of this foundation are to advance the art and science of Orthodontics, and to support and foster access to orthodontic care to the citizens of the state of Louisiana.

 Board of Directors

Guy W. Favaloro, DDS - President

Rebecca deVerges, DDS, MS - Secretary/Treasurer

Ricky Caples, DDS

Don Jorgensen, DDS

Michael King, DMD

Randy Roth, DDS

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Dr. Chadha 1

Dr. Chadha went to both high school and college in Simla, India. He graduated from college in 1952 and entered the Punjab Government Dental College and Hospital from which he graduated in 1956. Immediately after graduation, he came to the United States and entered the Forsyth Dental Infirmary at Harvard Medical School where he received a Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry in 1958. He began clinical fellowship training in orthodontics when the pediatric training ended. Dr. Chadha went to the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa in 1960 and completed its graduate program in orthodontics in 1962. He stayed at Iowa, served on the orthodontic faculty and received his dental degree in 1964. In 1965, he joined the orthodontic department at the Royal Dental College of Denmark as an assistant professor. He returned to Iowa in 1967 and served as an Assistant professor of Orthodontics. He moved to Louisiana in 1970 and became the founding chairman of the Department of Graduate Orthodontics at LSU. In 1976 he was named assistant dean for Advanced Dental Education. He served LSU and orthodontic education long and well. This brief summary of Dr. Chadha’s career does not, in any way whatsoever, do his career justice; nor does it tell the true story of his long and illustrious service to our specialty. He lectured internationally on many occasions and has co-authored more than 15 articles which have been printed in the referred orthodontic journals. Dr. Chadha served as an orthodontic consultant to Charity Hospital of Louisiana to the US Public Health Service Hospital. He was a Fellow of the International College of Dentists and in 2005, was awarded the Louise Ada Jarabak Memorial Orthodontic Teacher & Research Award by the American Association of Orthodontists Foundation. As the founding Chairman of LSU’s Orthodontic Department, he supervised the training of over 124 outstanding orthodontists. Think of the influence he had as these people have left LSU to deliver quality orthodontic services to the public. He can be very proud of his legacy. Dr. Chadha and his wife, Meena, have three children: Monisha is a specialist in endocrinology, Jayash is a taxation attorney and CPA and Sandeep is an internal medicine specialist. The SAO News is proud to recognize Dr. Chadha for his many outstanding contributions to orthodontic education and to the specialty of orthodontics. We wish him well in his “retirement.”

Dr. J.M. Chadha

Louisiana State University

Text from SAO News Fall 2008 - Photo from Retirement Celebration.

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